Bivrin Solutions proudly presents DBTalk.

     DBTalk is as of February 2000 an approved Ice Tea Group application.

      DBTalk is an easy and powerful tool that combines ease of use and powerful features. DBTalk is designed for DBAs and system developers requiring query, DBA and data management features. Build your SQL statements and Procedures just by clicking your mouse. No need for typing. Multiple input buffers and unlimited result sets along with an intuitive interface with components like SQL Assistant and Procedure Assistant makes work a lot easier.

      DBTalk has very good interaction with Centura SQLBase, but works very well with all other backends used with Centura Team Developer, including ODBC sources. DBTalk 4 is also multi-lingual. Distributed as shareware with full functionality. Free evaluation for 60 days. Contact the author at for further details.

Current versions for download:
   Version 4.5 (907 kb) is compatible with Centura Team Developer 1.5.
   Version 4.1 (919 kb) is compatible with Centura Team Developer 1.1.*.
   Version 3.1 (594 kb) is a 16 bit version compatible with SQLWindows 5.
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