Download a fully working version StrongARM and XScale processors (1579 kb)
Download a fully working version SH3 Processors (1614 kb)
Download a fully working version MIPS processors (1715 kb)

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October 5th, 2002
New version: 1.4 released
- Now runs from whereever installed to. Bug-fix from Sept. 30 obsolete
- Internet time, Beat, now shows correct value
- Using Navigation buttons now works after closing the Options dialog.

September 30th, 2002
Bug-fix: Now possible to run from storage card. Download here >>

September 29th, 2002
Separate installers for Arm/XScale, SH3 and MIPS released.

Rest your eyes on an elegant clock instead of your boring Today screen. This freeware has a number of functions like a luxury wrist watch. Time, date, alarm, chime, chronograph, taxameter are all available in this Pocket PC software.

PocketBreitling is Pocket PC and Pocket PC 2002 compatible. It runs on ARM, XScale(=ARM), SH3 and MIPS processors.
PocketBreitling is skinnable and can use both custom backgrounds as well as custom sounds.

Features include:

- Skinnable background
- Custom sound
- Numerous time and date functions
- Elegant look and feel

How to make a custom skin:
Create a bmp-file with max 256 colours and a size about 231x240 pixels. Name the file "skinWhatever.bmp" and place the file on your PDA in the Pocket Breitling\skins directory.

How to make a custom chime or alarm sound:
Use a low quality wave file and name it "chimeWhatever.wav" for chime sounds, and "alarmWhatever.wav" for alarm sounds and place the file on your PDA in the Pocket Breitling\sounds directory. The easiest way to create sound files is probably to use the built-in sound recording.

Some screen shots:
Classic style

Choose the classic style, and choose among available skins. You can create your own skins.

There are a number of different functions, i.e. screens.

Show "Beats", the international internet time, where every 24 hours are divided into 500 beats.
Seconds and date

Show seconds and the day in the lower display.
Options dialog

This dialog gives the opportunity to choose different settings, and to preview sounds.
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