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Frequently asked questions
  1. Q: How do I install PocketTime on WM 6, WM 5 and WM 2003?
    A: The standard installation procedure for PocketTime on WM 6, 5 and 2003 devices is:
    1. Install PocketTime

    2. Install eVB runtime files. You can download eVB from http://bivrin.com/PocketPC, or directly from http://bivrin.com/download.asp?id=2003. If you are running a localized version of Windows Mobile, e.g. German, you will probably receive an error message when installing eVB "Cannot find resource file MSDAERDE.DLL". The installation will not be successful until you make a copy of the file \windows\msdaeren.dll on your pda, and rename the copy MSDAERDE.DLL (or the name displayed in the error message). Installation of eVB is then possible.

    3. It may even be necessary to download and install InstallControls.

    Please note that not all files in these installations will be taking up space on your pda. Almost all files already exist on your pda, it's more of a check and a registration process.

  2. Q: When I install PocketTime/PocketBreitling, the installer wants to replace existing files with older ones. What do I do?
    A: Please keep your existing, newer files and tap "No to all".

  3. Q: I installed PocketTime/PocketBreitling, but when I try to run, I get an error message saying
    "There are missing or unregistered files"

    A: Please download and install InstallControls.

  4. Q: I am running Pocket PC 2003 and I installed PocketTime/PocketBreitling, but when I try to run, I am directed to a browser page saying
    "You will need to install eVB runtime files"

    A: Please download and install Pocket PC 2003 run-time files for eVB.

  5. Q: When I started PocketTime the first time, I got a lot of error messages saying: "Table Reg_TB could not be created" etc.
    A: For some reason, the PocketTime database couldn't be created. Please download and copy a new, fresh database file to your PocketTime directory on your pda.

    Database file for Pocket PC 2002 pda:s
    PocketTime.cdb (http://bivrin.com/download.asp?id=202)

    Database file for Windows Mobile 2003 (a.k.a. Pocket PC 2003) pda:s
    PocketTime.cdb (http://bivrin.com/download.asp?id=203).
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